A Goofy Movie – 2018 Bigger Picture Show

2018 marked the 9th Annual Bigger Picture Show, presented by Lodge Design & Marketing, benefitting the Indy Film Fest. This year’s theme was the 90s!

On Friday, April 13, 2018, 95 movie posters were auctioned off at the Circle City Industrial Complex for the Bigger Pictures Show. All proceeds went to the Indy Film Fest.

For this year’s event, I designed and illustrated a poster for a wonderful 90s Disney movie (and one of my all-time favorites), A Goofy Movie.

I worked on this month-long project after work and on the weekends. I started with initial, thumbnail sketches in the first week and then got into doing tighter sketching. I drew different parts of the scene individually and then photoshopped them together before vectorizing everything. The funny thing is, half way through the month I changed direction in design/illustration – this direction had another character and more scenery than my original design.

Everything in this piece is shaded with halftone dots, subtle shades, and some feathered gradients in select areas. Plus, custom text was created for the word Goofy in the title for this poster, AND my signature is hand-lettered and inspired by the Walt Disney logo.

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