Caesars Entertainment: We Inspire Grown-ups to Play

One of the last projects that I did with Caesars Entertainment was create something very special for Indiana Grand’s team members.

After things settled with the Caesars Entertainment acquisition, Indiana Grand’s Marketing and HR teams met with other Caesars properties on how to educate their teams on the corporation’s Mission, Vision, and Values. Several properties created signage and graphics that educated and helped remind team members what Caesars Entertainment was. And, this wall graphic project was a way to make the team excited to be a part of Caesars Entertainment–to welcome them to the empire.

Caesars had several corporate looks, but we were given permission to combine what we saw with corporate with some of Indiana Grand’s property and team member photos. I pulled the laurel wreath and some of Caesar’s brand colors into a clean, but playful design. Each wall in the back of house, represented Mission, Vision, and Values – and, each wall was different due to different obstructions like lockers or windows.