Family Crest

Have you heard of Aaron Draplin and have you seen his Skillshare courses?! I had a few months of free Skillshare courses and I did Aaron Draplin’s “Logo Design with Draplin: Secrets of Shape, Type and Color.”

The Deliverable – A finished, family crest that includes: your family name, laurel and banner, symbols representing items meaningful to your family lore, colors that represent your family, a meaningful phrase.

However, I didn’t do your conventional family crest, looking back into family history. I did a crest based on my little family and my crazy cat lady personality.

The symbols in the shield shape represent us in many ways. I wanted each piece to have a meaning and shows how we relate to each other: Harry Potter for the first time we met, cooking (something we did often together), terminal for his job, a pen tool for my job, and of course CATS!