Hoosier Park: Top of the Park Wayfinding

Hoosier Park Racing & Casino offers several spaces to hold meetings, parties, etc and I was honored to play a part in their interior design of one of these spaces.

The Top of the Park underwent a complete interior makeover that included building a balcony off the side of the building, installing new television screens, new carpet & wallpaper, the works. And, because The Top of the Park, was literally at the top of Hoosier Park, we needed to come up with some signage that would help guests find where they were going – to the Top of the Park, restrooms, exits, etc.

I was tasked to not only design the wayfinding plaques, but also to design a huge hanging sign above the door. The signage was heavily based off interior design colors and textiles used in this new space. I even managed to get the sign company to work with the people who made our doors to make sure the same wood and chrome materials were used.

This project was definitely a challenge, but we managed to create something that looked liked it belonged to that space.