Secret Life of Pet Sematary – 2019 Bigger Picture Show

2019 marked the 10th Annual Bigger Picture Show, presented by Lodge Design & Marketing, benefitting the Indy Film Fest. This year’s theme was a little different than previous years – it was a mix up of two different movies.

On Friday, April 12, 2019, 89 movie posters were on display and 79 were auctioned off at the Circle City Industrial Complex for the Bigger Pictures Show. All proceeds went to the Indy Film Fest.

For this year’s event, I designed and illustrated a poster for not one, but two movies in one, big mix up poster! My two movies were Secret Life of Pets + Pet Sematary = Secret Life of Pet Sematary.

I kept a similar style that I did in 2018, but instead of halftones, did a lot of shading with layers of shapes. My process started with a refresher of both the movies’ plots as well as some sketching, and then I jumped into the computer to vectorize. I also used my iPad Pro to create some more organic shapes to trace later on in Adobe Illustrator – it was easier to draw live on top of what I had already created and then adjust as I went.

And, guess what! I hid easter eggs in my poster this year again. I pulled the Weenie Kingdom mascot from that Secret Life of Pets and hid eight weenies in different scenes of my poster. Then, at the show, I watched people try to find them all!

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