Winner’s Circle Exterior

Winner’s Circle Pub, Grille, and OTB in Downtown Indianapolis received a little facelift in 2017.

With fresh, vivid colors, new awnings & support panels, as well as a redesigned blade sign, Winner’s Circle has a brand new vibe. This exterior redesign started with a proposed mockup of just the exterior decorative frames, then we got a “why not re-design the blade sign too?” response. So, the blade sign was completely redesigned and I learned a little bit about sign making thanks to Urban Sign Company.

For the awning support panels, a pattern was created using stock vector to give them a little something, something since customers will be able to see these when they dine on the patio. And, the primary colors bring in elements from a refresh on print collateral that was also implemented in 2017.

Other improvements that developed in this process was adding an additional frame to the exterior wall, extending patio space, as well as adding more exterior lighting.